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How Cultured Are You?

How cultured are you so far? Supporting your progress

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  1. How modern-day cultured are you? Do you know/do...

    Some sort of formal dance
    How to play an instrument adequately or sing adequately (and read music)
    Foreign languages
    History, including art history
    Drawing or painting adequately
    How to cook extravagant dishes
    Some expensive sport, like snowboarding, skiing, or scuba diving
    Travel frequently
    Outdoorsman and survival skills
    Cultures and countries' histories
    Modern government and politics
    Practical "adult" skills
    How and where to obtain illegal drugs
    Modern technology, even ones beyond computers, smartphones, and tablets
    Alcoholic drinks, and all their names and how they are mixed
    Healthy eating and nutrition (for example, what foods are good sources of what)
    Interacting with children, especially after toddlerhood (but before adolescence)
    Arranging a party for any occasion
    Weddings and other "customs"
    Teas and their histories and qualities
    Operas, opera music, ballets, musicals, high-quality theatre productions
    Quality vs luxury (not mutually exclusive)
    Fashion, but not necessarily high fashion
    Modern happenings and news, such as new treaties and global warming/climate change, but not entertainment news
    You watch very little TV, don't follow shows in general, and definitely do not watch reality TV even ironically
    Optional: meats and or cheeses
    Cooking from scratch (and that's the way you prefer to do it)
    Yoga, aerobics, swimming, calisthenics, or pilates
    Gardening and growing your own vegetables
    Recognizing plants and understanding botany
    Horticulture, plant propagation, landscaping, or flower arranging
    Recognize fruit as the most perfect food for humans ever
    Enjoy modern bands, athletes, and movies
    Understand movies (maybe you took a film course in college)
    Understand poetry to some extent
    What you need to buy and what you don't need to buy
    Your own health and how to maintain it
    Understand deeply religion or your own way to cope with toward difficult things (such as death)
    Calculus (single-variable is OK)
    Algebra AND Biology
    Physics AND Chemistry

How Cultured Are You?

Just keep at it! There is a lot of fruit to take part in in this world... So please go out and try it.

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Read the list again to find out what else you can do to become a "cultured" human being!

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Just make sure you were honest with yourself about what you know or can do!

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