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    5 School C-Dramas You Don't Wanna Miss Out On

    Yas, I'm serious.

    1. The Big Boss (2 Seasons)

    The Big Boss Poster

    If you want to watch something uniquely different, this is the drama to go for. This is one of the funniest things I've watched as of yet and each and every episode is absolutely fantastically made. If you want to watch something to brighten the mood, then this is the drama to watch :)

    Starring Huang Jun Jie and Eleanor Lee

    2. Love O2O

    Love O2O
    Via Netflix

    This is a C-drama you just can't get tired of. It's a beautiful masterpiece and definitely a must-watch. I cannot fully describe how beautifully refreshing this drama is. The plot is just so perfect and, trust me, you will want to re-watch Love O2O over and over again :)

    Starring Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang

    3. A Love So Beautiful

    A Love So Beautiful

    Recently finished watching this and I absolutely love it. I find this drama very heart-warming and this drama deffo has a special place in my heart. It's very sweet and hey, Hu Yi Tian played the male lead! I absolutely love how simple yet powerful the story-line in this drama is. So yep, definitely check this out :)

    Starring Hu Yi Tian and Shen Yue

    4. Long Ri Yi, You're Dead (2 Seasons)

    Long Ri Yi, You’re Dead Official Poster

    If you haven't watched this yet, please watch it! Although, yes, there are a few tears when it comes to this one, don't worry! This drama is actually quite light-hearted and I'm sure you'll love it. Personally, I prefer season 1 over season 2 but hey, that doesn't mean you shouldn't watch season 2 after finishing the first season. Yes, that's right! You should check out this brilliant drama :)

    Starring Anson Qiu and Hou Pei Shan

    5. Meteor Garden

    Meteor Garden Poster

    If you are into K-dramas, then I'm sure you've watched Boys Over Flowers. So, if you've watched BOF, I'm sure you'd love Meteor Garden! This classic remake is absolutely amazing. And don't forget that this drama stars Dylan Wang and Shen Yue! I absolutely love this drama and it is one of my favs :) Definitely wonderful to watch so do check it out!

    Starring Dylan Wang and Shen Yue

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