5 Things You Could Do With A Lifetime Supply Of CHOCOLATE!

Just take a second and observe what you’re doing… now imagine it with a chocolate bar in your hand. Sounds better, right? Now take it to the next level and picture life with a LIFETIME supply of chocolate. Oh yes, we just went there (and met Willy Wonka on the way)

1. Eat Chocolate With (or as…) Every Meal

This is just a given. Chocolate for breakfast, chocolate for second breakfast, chocolate for lunch, post lunch, dinner, dessert and everything that can possibly fit in between that.

2. Bathe In It

Skip the mud bath at the spa (because that’s gross and slightly horrifying) and take a dip in some melted chocolate ganache instead. What could be more relaxing than swimming in a tub full of cocoa and sugar? (Drinking it, maybe…)

3. Donate It

There are needy, hungry people out there. Donation bins are always filled with canned chili… canned chili… and *gag* more canned chili… a chocolate bar will erase all of your problems and brighten everyone’s day!

4. Make the Kids on Halloween VEEERY Happy

You will become very popular (and the outside of your house will be spared of eggs)

5. Form Your Own Currency

Forget about gold bars, pay people in chocolate bars (everybody will be happy with your tips)

QUESTION: What Would YOU Do With a Lifetime Supply of Chocolate?

(Besides rule the world, of course…)

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