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11 Upgrades To Make Your Next Summer Party Anything But Basic

It’s hard to believe that summer is halfway over! Make the most of the remaining summer days by upgrading your next afternoon appetizer party with these simple ideas. And make sure you serve New Chobani Mezé™ Dips for a savory snack that’s anything but basic.

1. Serve up some extra-creamy deviled eggs made with Greek yogurt and pickled with beets.

2. Create a DIY cabbage dip bowl.

3. Pass out individual veggie-and-dip cups.

4. For something sweet, pass around fruit pops.

5. Stuff some Chobani Mezé™ Dip into fresh, late-summer tomatoes.

6. Dab a bit of dip onto an adorable veggie flower.

7. Wash it all down with raspberry lemonade punch.

8. Liven up your ice cubes with edible flowers, herbs, and berries.

9. Set up a drink station.

10. Instead of putting flower arrangements on the table, hang them.

11. Deck out the picnic table with a tie-dyed runner.

Ditch the hummus and upgrade your appetizers with Chobani Mezé™ Dip!

All images Lauren Zaser / © BuzzFeed.