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15 Better-For-You Substitutions You Didn't Know You Could Make

There are plenty of easy (and delicious!) food substitutions you can feel good about. And by substituting Chobani Meze™ Dip for your regular go-to dip, making small swaps in your diet has never tasted better!

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1. Trade in your sour cream for Greek yogurt on your baked potato.


Greek yogurt is even richer-tasting and creamier than the sour cream you usually dollop on your baked potatoes and tacos. It's lower in fat and sodium than sour cream. And it's packed with protein, too.

3. Replace mayo with avocado on your lunchtime sandwiches.


Your taste buds will thank you for this yummy, super-creamy, and heart-healthy sandwich switch-up. Avocado is also tasty in tuna and chicken salads and almost anywhere you'd use mayo.

7. Pass on the butter and use coconut oil instead in your stir-fries (and really anything you cook in a pan).


Coconut oil is a great natural, unprocessed alternative to butter. It's great for pan-frying (and especially great in Thai cuisine!).

9. Say "no" to soda and go for water flavored with real fruit for an afternoon pick-me-up.


You don't have to give up the bubbles and taste to hydrate the healthy way. And you won't get bored with all the possible flavor combos, like lemon and cucumber, which aid in digestion and hydration.

14. Cut back on refined sugar by substituting dates for refined sugar in your breakfast smoothies.


Dates will sweeten your smoothie while adding a ton of great flavor. And they're packed with antioxidants. Try it for yourself with this date-sweetened banana caramel smoothie recipe.

15. Leave out the bread crumbs and try using crushed crispy rice cereal for breading chicken.


For extra-crispy breading, try crushed crispy rice cereal. The cereal gives the chicken a fried texture, even if you bake it, saving a ton of calories!

And finally, substitute Chobani's new Meze™ Dips for your favorite hummus.

Chobani Meze™ Dips are a bold new way to snack. They are delicious and nutritious with 80% less fat and 65% fewer calories than the leading hummus. To top it off, they’re made with only natural, non-GMO ingredients, with no artificial flavors or preservatives.