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We Tried Three Different Types Of Yoga To See Which One We Liked Best

Namaste to the extreme.

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Watch Selorm and Maya try three different kinds of yoga!

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Well, let's just say that Selorm and Maya were admittedly not exactly yogis themselves, but were totally willing to give it their all.


They wanted to find out why so many people are obsessed with the practice by trying something outside the box.

So they decided to try three types of extreme yoga, starting with aerial yoga. You know? The type Pink likes to do, nbd.


They went straight to Khalia Frazier, an air aerial fitness instructor, who taught the ladies the ropes (pun totally intended).


They had to learn how to use their core to be able to hang upside down most of the time, and it's way tougher than it looks.


They had to hang by their legs, and wrap themselves into some sort of cocoon by using their abs to lift themselves. Nice job!

It was super hot, and (side note) Maya hates to sweat. Doh!


Selorm rocked it and, although Maya struggled to keep her balance in the beginning, she eventually felt calm and less stressed.