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    Men Get Transformed Into Disney Princesses

    Because why can't princesses have hairy chests?

    Beauty guru Kandee Johnson and BuzzFeed Top Knot transformed a few lucky lads into beautiful Disney princesses, and it might ruin your childhood.

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    With a little bit of magic, Ned became the sultry and sweet Snow White.

    He was shocked at how beautiful he was.

    James got his sea legs on and was feeling Ariel's look.

    Check out those flowing red locks!

    After hitting the library, Brendan was ready to be the best Belle of all time.

    100% beauty, 0% beast.

    Jordan tapped into his inner diva and became a graceful Tiana.

    Someone's ready for her Prince Charming.

    Finally, Ryan transformed into the fierce Jasmine and looked absolutely fabulous.

    Somebody get this lady a tiger!