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Boyfriends Try Their Girlfriends' Sexy Halloween Costumes

"I have a feeling that he will probably make the costume look better than I did."

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We found some guys willing to try on their girlfriend's sexy Halloween costumes, and it was glorious:

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Russ has a beautiful body. So, naturally his girlfriend's peacock costume was going to look lovely on him.

Ricky was all set to become Peggy Bundy. And don't worry, this wasn't his first time in drag.

"I've seen him dressed as a woman before, so I know he can pull it off."

And Tyler was ready to transform into a pirate wench, even though it was a little more leg than he usually shows.

The women then left their men alone to try on their ~sexy~ costumes.

They had some trouble getting the stuff on...

...But got pretty excited when it time to add the final touches.

With everything on, it was time for the big reveal:

"Oh, you're gorgeous!"

"You DO pull it off!"

This woman simply had no words.

The guys suddenly understood the struggle. "Imagine if you put on 5 pounds. You feel fat of all sudden."

But it turns out the women found them pretty sexy after all.

This is what Halloween is all about!