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Gleeks Around The World, Stop. Time To 'Love' The Season 3 Graduates Even More.

A Tumblr user posted an unreleased version of 'Seasons of Love' featuring ALL the S3 graduates... time to get the tissues.

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Stop what you're doing right now... and listen.

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Featuring the vocals of Lea Michele and the late Cory Monteith, this unreleased version of Rent's 'Seasons of Love' was part of the culmination of Season 3 and saying 'Goodbye' to the graduates of McKinley High.

Whilst the version from Monteith's dedication episode, 'The Quarterback', is still incredible, this 'new' version features Amber Riley hitting the amazing high note in the solo, Monteith's raw gorgeous vocals and Lea Michele's stunning voice throughout.

The lyrics themselves celebrate Monteith's life brilliantly and are ultimately a message of friendship and life's ups and downs. Perfect for any occasion really, but these two moments Glee used them are powerfully moving.

A nostalgic moment for all fans of Glee and for those that aren't, a chance to recognise the true talent of the original members of the cast of Glee.

I will always appreciate the 'Quarterback' version, but today, 6 months after Monteith's death, let's just listen to 'Seasons of Love' and love looking back on our wonderful graduates and their beautiful voices.

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