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The 6 Countries That Will Make You Want (OR NOT) Celebrate Valentine's Day

If for many countries, Valentine's Day comes down to romantic dinner and red rose, other countries have much more original traditions...

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1. Scotland : a tradition for singles

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In Scotland (good luck if you play the game), tradition is to go out and pick randomly the first person of the opposite sex you meet, and celebrate Valentine's Day with him/her. Pray to not fall on the old stinky drunk neighbour who will sneak out of the restaurant and leave you the bill...

2. Japan : Men are honored

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On February 14th in Japan, women have to buy a gift to men, and nothing to expect in return! And not only to their companion but also to their co-workers and superiors. It even has become a social obligation! How about that ladies ? Valentine Day does not sound so romantic after all !

But Japanese are not that misogynistic because women have their own day too! On March 14, men have to offer a gift to their partner during the « White Day ». But, if the woman doesn’t receive any gift in return, it means that the love is not reciprocal (and you’ve been played).

3. Finland : beer first!

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For the Finnish, romantic diners, are not really their cup of tea. What they really love, is beer! So every year, in Sonkajärvi (I know that you’re struggling with that word right now) is happening the "woman carrying contest". The husband who finishes the race first won the weight of his wife in beer (note that women can not weigh below 49kg).

5. Saudi Arabia: the country who does not celebrate love

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Do not laugh with it ! Before 14th of February, the country's religious police are chasing sellers who dare selling products for Valentine's Day in the streets. Police also publish warnings to inform the public that there will be sanctions to anyone participating in the celebrations of Valentine's Day, because that goes against Sharia.

6. Singapore : It’s all about tangerines ! / Via

Tradition is that on the 15th day of the Chinese New Year's Eve, single women write a message and their phone number on a mandarin, which they then throw into a river, hoping that a man find it... You really have to be patient! (And lucky).

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