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7 Things We Miss Most About Elliot Stabler Of ‘SVU’


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1. His attitude

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He was the real OG and he knew it. The show aired in 1999 and we got to see him change over the course of 12 years. He had his not so great moments but ultimately, who wouldn’t when your job requires you to come in contact with dead bodies and pedophiles.

2. His sense of humor

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The majority of the time, Elliot Stabler wasn’t messing around and would do just about anything to “nail the perp,” but that doesn’t mean he didn’t do with a few jokes here and there. His sass, no matter how subtle, was one of the best parts about the show.

3. His body

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In the show, Elliot Stabler was a former Marine and it showed. How was he able to run when I can barely walk uphill without being out of breath? Those criminals never stood a chance. Elliot Stabler always knew how to throw a punch (and take one) in the name of justice.

4. His relationship with Olivia

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Olivia and Elliot’s relationship is the epitome of men and women best friend goals. In the first episode we weren’t quite sure where this relationship was going but we quickly figured out that it was platonic. Although some people wanted to see the two get together, I personally think it would have ruined the show’s dynamic.

5. His relationship with his family

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One of my favorite things about Elliot Stabler was his family. His wife and bagillion (not really but he had a lot) kids were an integral part in the show. You never really knew if him and Kathy were going to make it but spoiler: they did. Throughout his time on the show, he had struggles maintaining a healthy balance between work and family but by the end, he managed to figure it out.

6. His storyline

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A Catholic cop who had a bad temper and angst like nobody’s business. If that’s not enough to intrigue you then I don’t know what is. Plus, his kids also had some great episodes dedicated to them. From corrupt priests to son and daughter drama, there was no telling what the show had I store for Elliot Stabler.

7. His dedication to the job

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In hindsight, I guess I’m not surprised Elliot Stabler left the job. I probably would have left after the first 20 minutes but Elliot Stabler wasn’t a quitter and he showed his dedication to his squad and the victims every chance he got.

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