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    • chloejr

      here’s the problem with the lack of snow plows argument: cars generate heat. a lot of heat. if you’ve ever touched the hood of a car after you’ve been driving around, you know this. also, the friction between tires and roads, generates heat. a lot of cars on the road generates a lot of heat, and cold temperatures outside dont negate the heat that cars generate. the reason why highways are the last to get salted and plowed is because they dont need it, the heat generated by a lot of cars driving very fast melts all the snow. so, Atlanta didnt NEED to deploy snow plows, as you can see from the aerial photographs of abandoned cars, there is pavement visible, because of all the hot cars on the road. all of the accidents and danger were a matter of incompetence and panic, not a need of snow plows to clear your way. i’m not saying those in Atlanta should inherently be better snow drivers, obviously not, they dont get snow there a lot, but no need to place blame on a lack of snow plows or snow clearing equiptment. hoping everyone in all states affected by the snow are all right, and remember to just stay calm and take your time when driving. no need to rush, it’s not worth your life!

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