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    Do You Know Which Aunt You Are? Take Our Auntie Quiz And Find Out!

    Aunties are some of the most important people in our lives. They provide guidance, love, and support. But, which type of auntie are you? Is it the rich aunt who buys the best gifts? The lit auntie who gets wild with the fam'? The cool aunt who everyone loves to be around? Or the favorite aunt who is cherished by all? Take our Auntie Quiz on Buzzfeed to find out! With a few simple questions, you’ll be able to identify your true auntie persona. We’ll ask you questions about how you respond to different situations and how you interact with others. After answering each question, we’ll give you your final result - so you can find out if you’re the rich, petty, bougie or woke auntie. If you want to know which auntie you truly are, then take our Auntie Quiz on Buzzfeed today! We’re sure you’ll have lots of fun discovering the answer and sharing your results with friends and the fam'. So, what are you waitin' on? Go ahead and take the quiz now brought to you by Yeaux Mama!

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