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Rihanna Just Took Down Snapchat's Value With A Single Post

"Rihanna said delete Snapchat so guess what I’m doing!!! #Navy"

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Everybody's quaked at the power of Rihanna at some point, right? Singer, actress and entrepreneur, she can build make-up empires, slay red carpets, walk on grates in heels, and now: sink entire social media dynasties.

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For context, Snapchat found itself in hot water earlier this week after it posted an ad asking users if they would rather "slap Rihanna or punch Chris Brown".

Is it just me, or is this ad that popped up on my Snapchat extremely tone deaf? Like what were they thinking with this?

The poll seemed to reference Rihanna and Brown's physical altercation in 2009, which left Rihanna with multiple injuries while Brown received five years probation and a community service order.

While the Evan Spiegel-owned app apologised and pulled the ad, Rihanna refused to accept the apology.

Rihanna responding to Snapchat's ad. I can't believe they did this.

She posted an update on her Instagram Stories saying that Snapchat "ain't that stupid" to have posted the poll by accident.

Highlighting the "shame" these kinds of incidents can bring upon other domestic violence, Rihanna called for followers to "throw the whole app-ology away". And when the queen calls, people deliver.

Rihanna said delete Snapchat so guess what I’m doing!!! #Navy

Rihanna: “Throw the whole snapchat app away” Me:

me deleting snapchat because Rihanna said so

In fact, so many people answered Rihanna's call to arms that Snapchat reportedly sunk $1bn in value.

After Rihanna instructed her 60,000,000 Instagram followers to delete Snapchat, the company's shares plunged- causing the it to lose about $600,000,000.00 in market cap in a matter of hours.


That's a whole 5% of Snapchat's value.

While Rihanna's statement most likely made some impact, some people have put Snapchat's slow demise down to things like the new update...

Ever since that Snapchat update

How do you see your own story? How do you see who's seen your story?! WHERE DID THE GIFS GO?!?

...While others think Kylie Jenner needs to share some of the blame.

Me watching Snapchat's stocks after the one-two punch of Kylie Jenner and Rihanna.

Between this lapse in the 'review process' and the latest update, the internet seems to agree on one thing: this might be the end for Snapchat.

First Kylie Jenner, then Rihanna. One more hit and snapchat will officially be dead.

Whatever the reason, we can all agree Rihanna is right to reject any idea of this incident being an accident. It definitely proves one thing: the power of one woman's words.

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