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15 People Who Brought Laziness To A Whole New Level

"I plugged the microwave up on my nightstand so I wouldn't have to get out of bed all weekend."

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the laziest thing they've ever done. Here are the epic results.

1. This very expensive dinner party

Rather than cleaning the mountain of dishes I had in my sink after a dinner party, I tossed out an entire 24-person set of dinnerware and cookware – everything from plates to wine glasses to pots and pans – and bought a new ones.


2. This iPhone life hack

Added my toe print to iPhone Touch ID so that if I was lying down and needed something, I could use Siri with my toe and not have to get up. My best friend laughed at me for it until we were hungover and hungry. I had Siri call another friend to bring us Whataburger.


3. This smart study strategy

I throw my phone to the other side of the couch when I have to do work because I know I won't lean three feet forward to pick it up.



4. This high-stakes game

Instead of getting out of bed to turn on the light, I would grab whatever was in reach (shoes, water bottles, etc.) and throw it at the switch. If I missed, I slept with the light on.


5. This storage solution

I finished a pizza way after I was already full because I decided that eating it was easier than wrapping it up and putting it away.


6. This flick of the nose

I tap the screen with my nose to flick through people's Snapchat stories so I don't have to move my thumb.



7. This good-in-theory idea

I plugged the microwave up on my nightstand so I wouldn't have to get out of bed all weekend. It almost worked... until I realized all my food was in the kitchen.


8. This innovative timekeeping method

I Googled what time it was because I didn't feel like looking over my shoulder at the clock.



9. This golden moment

I was too lazy to go across the street to buy toilet paper, so I ordered it on Amazon Now and just held it until it was delivered.


10. This undercover operation

One day a couple of years ago, I was wearing a particularly uncomfortable thong when I decided that I would prefer to just go commando, but then I realized that would involve taking off my pants, removing the thong, and putting my pants back on again... so I took a pair of scissors and literally cut off my thong while I was wearing it.

–Karen Larranaga, Facebook

11. This cat-astrophic hangover

One time I was so hungover I couldn't muster the strength to get a glass so I drank from the faucet, like a cat.


Cartoon Network

12. This legal risk

I illegally downloaded a movie even though the DVD was on my shelf five feet away.


13. This critical problem solving

I was too tired to get up and grab the Apple TV remote, so when Netflix judged me by asking if I was still watching American Horror Story after three hours, I downloaded the remote app on my phone.


14. This glorious, glorious day

Last Sunday I woke up at three in the afternoon, got up to eat, then took a nap until seven that night. I woke up to eat some more and went right back to bed a few hours later.


15. And this total Katniss move

My bed is all the way across from my door, so when someone leaves the door open a little I take the toy bow and arrow hanging behind my bed shoot it closed.



Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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