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15 People Who Brought Laziness To A Whole New Level

"I plugged the microwave up on my nightstand so I wouldn't have to get out of bed all weekend."

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1. This very expensive dinner party

Rather than cleaning the mountain of dishes I had in my sink after a dinner party, I tossed out an entire 24-person set of dinnerware and cookware – everything from plates to wine glasses to pots and pans – and bought a new ones.


2. This iPhone life hack

Added my toe print to iPhone Touch ID so that if I was lying down and needed something, I could use Siri with my toe and not have to get up. My best friend laughed at me for it until we were hungover and hungry. I had Siri call another friend to bring us Whataburger.


3. This smart study strategy

I throw my phone to the other side of the couch when I have to do work because I know I won't lean three feet forward to pick it up.



4. This high-stakes game

Instead of getting out of bed to turn on the light, I would grab whatever was in reach (shoes, water bottles, etc.) and throw it at the switch. If I missed, I slept with the light on.


5. This storage solution

I finished a pizza way after I was already full because I decided that eating it was easier than wrapping it up and putting it away.


6. This flick of the nose

I tap the screen with my nose to flick through people's Snapchat stories so I don't have to move my thumb.



7. This good-in-theory idea

I plugged the microwave up on my nightstand so I wouldn't have to get out of bed all weekend. It almost worked... until I realized all my food was in the kitchen.


8. This innovative timekeeping method

I Googled what time it was because I didn't feel like looking over my shoulder at the clock.



9. This golden moment

I was too lazy to go across the street to buy toilet paper, so I ordered it on Amazon Now and just held it until it was delivered.


10. This undercover operation

One day a couple of years ago, I was wearing a particularly uncomfortable thong when I decided that I would prefer to just go commando, but then I realized that would involve taking off my pants, removing the thong, and putting my pants back on again... so I took a pair of scissors and literally cut off my thong while I was wearing it.

–Karen Larranaga, Facebook

11. This cat-astrophic hangover

One time I was so hungover I couldn't muster the strength to get a glass so I drank from the faucet, like a cat.



12. This legal risk

I illegally downloaded a movie even though the DVD was on my shelf five feet away.


13. This critical problem solving

I was too tired to get up and grab the Apple TV remote, so when Netflix judged me by asking if I was still watching American Horror Story after three hours, I downloaded the remote app on my phone.


14. This glorious, glorious day

Last Sunday I woke up at three in the afternoon, got up to eat, then took a nap until seven that night. I woke up to eat some more and went right back to bed a few hours later.


15. And this total Katniss move

My bed is all the way across from my door, so when someone leaves the door open a little I take the toy bow and arrow hanging behind my bed shoot it closed.



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