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28 Things Only Stay At Home Mums Will Understand

Peppa Pig knows what's up.

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5. The postman knows that you are always in to receive packages. For everyone on your street.

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No, it's fine, really. Yes, the baby is napping. Thank you for shouting.


17. Making you feel you need to justify your job, even when you know you shouldn't have to.

“What do you DO all day??” Um...well, I couldn't tell you exactly, but all I know is that I

never get one moment's rest.


24. When things that used to be a chore have now become the ultimate relaxation.

Flickr: markhillary Creative Commons

Going to the supermarket alone means time to peruse the aisles, ahh this is EXCELLENT.... Wait, what did I used to like doing?

26. That everyone will remember your child's name, and never think to ask for yours.

Only at baby group is it still perfectly acceptable to admit you don't know a person's name even tough you've been talking to them face to face every week for the last two months.

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