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    21 Things That Happen When You're The First Of Your Friends To Have Children

    "Can I be a godparent?"

    1. Your friends shake their heads in wonder at the fact that you have been sober for nine months or more.

    Up All Night / Via

    And once you give birth, it is a matter of great importance to them that you get drunk, as soon as possible.

    2. You're always pregnant for weddings and hen dos.

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    3. When you get to the third trimester, friends become legitimately concerned that you might give birth RIGHT there and then.

    Keeping Up With the Kardashians/ E! / Via

    4. Everyone says, "I can't believe you are a mum now!"

    In Bruges/ Blueprint Pictures / Via

    5. You instantly move up to first place on the "responsible friends" scale.

    Doctor Who/ BBC / Via

    6. You have your pick of baby names without having to worry that you're copying someone else's choice.

    7. You have a queue of eager babysitters.

    Adventures in Babysitting/ Touchstone Pictures / Via

    Not having their own small humans mean they actually WANT to hang out with yours.

    8. And they all make the same joke about not even drinking when they look after your child.

    Scandal / ABC / Via

    9. People love to buy things for your baby.

    10. But they have no idea what is practical.

    Up All Night / Via

    Tiny shoes for newborn babies – completely unnecessary, but ridiculously cute.

    11. The competition to be a godparent is serious business.

    How I Met Your Mother / CBS

    12. Child-free weddings are a godsend.

    Ed Ed and Eddy/ Cartoon Network / Via

    But at the same time, they are a logistical disaster. (Do I have a babysitter? Will he take a bottle? Will I have a good time without him?)

    13. No one gives you unwanted parenting advice.

    Downton Abbey/ ITV / Via

    14. But you also have no trusted confidant to ask all the silly little parenting questions you think of.

    Parks and Recreation / NBC / Via

    15. You have to reassure friends that you aren't ignoring them.

    Parks and Recreation / NBC / Via

    “I'm barely surviving sleep deprivation and struggling to remember emails I've read!”

    16. You are awake to see texts come in at 3am from your friends on a night out. Because you are dealing with a waking child.

    How I Met Your Mother / CBS / Via

    17. You carefully plan meet-ups with friends around your child's routine.

    Lilo and Stitch/ Disney / Via

    18. But somehow you always find you're delayed, and your friends always arrive slap-bang in the middle of the pre-bedtime chaos.

    Fellowship of the Ring / Via

    19. Whenever a friend begins thinking about starting a family, you are the first to know.

    Friends / NBC

    20. Because they start asking you all sorts of in-depth questions about maternity leave and giving birth.

    21. And when someone else from your friendship group finally joins you on "the other side"...

    Disney/ The Lion King / / Via

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