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21 Things Only Breastfeeding Mums Know

Express yourself.

1. You spend the first few days wondering how you will know if your milk has come in. Then your milk comes in.

No mistaking what that was.

2. You suddenly gain a whole new vocabulary that includes the words 'latch', 'let down', and 'colostrum'.

Friends / NBC / Via

3. You are very thankful for your smartphone.

The Simpsons / FOX / Via

How did breastfeeding mothers cope before??

4. You have a degree in 'finding the right breastfeeding pillow'.

5. When your baby won't settle anywhere but at your breast.

Mad Men / AMC / Via

6. When you work out how to breastfeed lying down.

RuPaul's Drag Race / Via

7. Mastitis is your worst fear.

BBC / Via

8. Trying to perfect the most flattering breastfeeding selfie angle.

9. Assessing the risk of attempting a boob to cot transfer.

Community / NBC

Hmmm, to put down or to hold for the whole duration of nap?

10. When your baby falls asleep whilst feeding, and you realise the remote control is out of reach.

11. Rearranging your clothing eight times per day.

Hussein Chalayan / Via

12. Assessing all new clothing purchases for ease of breastfeeding access.

Burlesque / Via

And being an expert in layering clothes for breastfeeding.

13. When your baby learns to pull up your top.

Family Guy

14. The excited look on your child's face when they realise they are going to get a feed.

15. The 'milk drunk' look.

Absolute contentment.

16. When your baby pauses to smile at you.

NBC/ The Office

17. Feeling like you are the only two people in the world during the night feeds.

Dumbo/ Disney / Via

18. Feeding an acrobat baby.

19. Realising that it's not the best idea to tickle your baby whilst feeding.

Ben / Via

Teeth! Ouch.

20. When you have another baby and you realise that breastfeeding is different with every child.

21. And knowing that although breastfeeding is not always easy, you are privileged to experience this relationship with your child.

Jupiterimages/ Thinkstock

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