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Earn ~$7 An Hour To Test Your "Luring Skills"

Notes: Please ignore all matches that are not form [sic] California. Please delete any matches that are overweight. Hmmm. Not sure if I'm filled with pity or hatred. Freelance writing sucks, people.

Justin 7 years ago

Alt-Art From The Gibbering Bowels Of 4chan

Probably NSFW. I can't guarantee that you haven't seen a few of these before. Since I found them on /b/, however, I can guarantee healthy amounts of misogynistic nihilism tempered by unexpected moments of sincerity. I have no idea who the artists are (hey there tineye).

Justin 8 years ago

Pocket-Sized Triforce

Fact: Most everyone's carrying around the protection of the Triforce.

Justin 8 years ago

Infinity, Defined.

MST3K meets those old bastards from the muppets that I hated as a kid. Whose f*cktarded idea were they? I hated those assholes in 1986 and I hate them now. Suck my Trash Heap, old dudes.

Justin 8 years ago

Fact: Rapture = Rape. Deal With It.

Rapture - "'act of carrying off,' from M.Fr. rapture, from M.L. raptura 'seizure, rape, kidnapping,' from L. raptus 'a carrying off' (see rapt). Originally of women and cognate with rape (v.). Sense of 'spiritual ecstasy' first recorded 1620s."

Justin 8 years ago

An IPhone, a Friday Night, and Possibly the Best Free App Ever

So last Friday night I was at a baseball game, while my hetero-lifemate Doctor Trend was at our favorite pub. There's a barmaid with whom we are both rather enamored, but she has not waited on us whenever I have been there. He sat in her section, then proceeded to text me a variety of what were meant to be motivations for me to bail on the game. I didn't, but I did use Meme Generator's free iPhone app then sent his texts back to him. Hilarity, and this list, ensued. Sort of.

Justin 8 years ago