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There's No Way You Still Remember All Of The Lyrics To "The Bone Dance" From "Hannah Montana"

"The Bone Dance" saved us all in Anatomy class.

  1. "Everybody knows what I'm talking 'bout
    that's how I'll get ____"

  2. "______ I have ten
    and metatarsals then."

  3. "I got some _____ too. I'll put them in my shoes."

  4. "The _____ is next
    according to my text."

  5. "And now I'm up to my knee. Yeah, yeah, yeah
    that's the ______ to me"

  6. "We're doin' the bone dance! We study the ____"

  7. "You dance and you'll learn it and we won't mess up this ______. We'll get it perfect."

  8. "And now I take it home with the _____ bone."

  9. "And now we're finally through, that makes ______ and six."

  10. "We're doin' the bone dance, you dance and you'll ____ it"

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