11 Times "Courage The Cowardly Dog" Genuinely Tried To Give Children Nightmares

    If this show didn't scare you as a kid, you're just lying to yourself.

    1. That time they gave us a kid friendly version of The Exorcist and turned Muriel demonic.

    2. When the twins, Eliza and Elisa, trapped the souls of the quilting club members in their quilts.

    3. When Kitty wore this porcelain mask.

    4. That time Eustace developed a gross foot infection.

    5. When King of Flan hypnotized everyone to get them to want his products.

    6. Freaky Fred who cut off all of Courage's hair.

    7. That time they showed us this giant floating head.

    8. When they showed us this eerily possessed house.

    9. That time Eustace left his body.

    10. When Katz showed us how sinister he is.

    11. And finally, the one that absolutely still haunts all of us to this day. When this mummy showed up and threatened them to return the slab.

    But at the end of the day, while this show gave me continuous nightmares, it was equally as addicting. Seriously, can Courage ever catch a break?