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    • chipongwe

      Heather you seem determined to find fault with him. Is it really unusual that a whistleblower would want to have more than one interview to get his story out? Is it really so unusual that he doesn’t choose the outlet YOU feel he should? And personally if I was going to rat-out the US government I would want EVERYONE to know my name so I couldn’t just disappear! You may not agree with what he has done (I’m not so sure myself) but we should be arguing the rights and wrongs of the issue, not the person.

    • chipongwe

      When my (American) friend’s fiancé boldly (but jokingly) stated she was only marrying him “for his name” (apparently unhappy with her own family name) I felt obliged (as she was due to move to London) that “Mankey” in english meant something less than pleasant….to this date she (and their two beautiful daughters) have never taken his name….I have to admit to feeling pretty bad about that!

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