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The 15 Tackiest Mugs On The Internet

Like some kitsch with your coffee? Then these mugs are for you. If not, Comfort Cup® by Chinet® insulated cups are here to help you take your morning caffeine with class.

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1. OK, this one was just asking for it:

ilovemyshirt / Via

2. Mugs: Not the Best Place for Mortality Jokes.

NeuronsNotIncluded / Via

3. This one speaks for itself:

Big Mouth Toys / Via

4. How about you finish your green tea before you start flexing?

CafePress / Via

5. Thanks for reminding us all where this milk came from, Sharon.

Boston Warehouse / Via

6. This one's just plain rude:

Babblemonger / Via

7. Nobody but you and Mr. Right are going to enjoy your couples mugs.

OneCreativeButterfly / Via

8. At least this one is self-aware:

Poe_Osbourne / Via

9. A great idea that was shot in the foot when you revealed your secret on the mug.

ChantillyStay / Via

10. Isn't this like the most offensive slur in Harry Potter?

harrypotter / Via

11. Seriously, why all the death references so early in the morning?

Best_TShirt_Designs / Via

12. BAD.

Cafe Press / Via

13. Actually, everybody begs to differ.

Retro_Zombies / Via

14. This one seems a little aggressive and must make everybody uncomfortable.

shcirerf / Via

15. Straight up terrifying.