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    31 Gorgeous Dresses From Walmart That Just Might Become Your New Go-To

    Dresses are the ultimate no-brainer. You have one garment and boom, a whole outfit pops up right before your eyes.

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A flowy maxi dress that is like a comfortable wave as it envelops you in a hug. Pair this with a simple leather sandal or white sneakers and you'll have a mindless.

    model wears light sage green maxi dress with side slits

    2. A graphic printed midi dress with the ultimate southwestern feel. It's loud while also being grounded and that's a vibe you'll want to keep going all year long.

    model wears red dress with southwestern pattern

    3. A long sleeve T-shirt dress with pockets so you'll have extra storage on the go. Layer this dress with tights and a turtleneck sweater to make this look winter-proof.

    model wears long sleeve black dress with pockets

    4. A striped midi dress, because it'll go with everything from solids to the wildest print seamlessly. Throw on a brightly colored beret, knee-high boots, and a long wool coat to create a look that you'll wear anytime it's chilly.

    model wears long sleeve striped  turtleneck midi dress

    5. A tie-front dotted dress that's so stylish, you'll keep coming back to it. Pair with show-stopping white-heeled booties to perpetually turn heads.

    model wears tie front black dotted dress with white booties

    6. A sweatshirt dress that'll have you ready to toss out your quarantine sweat sets because you've now mastered *cute* and *comfy*.

    model wears gray sweatshirt dress with white sneakers

    7. A square-necked dress to give off the ultimate retro vibes. Pull on some long chunky-heeled white boots and and a baker boy cap to travel to the '60s.

    model wears micro plaid square neck dress with slight flare

    8. A long-sleeve boho print dress that emanates the "go anywhere and do anything" feeling you'll need to inspire you to finally leave the house.

    model wears brick colored dress that's cinched at the waist

    9. A printed knit midi dress for easy wearing. You'll always win with this get-up. Throw this on with chunky platform loafer flats for a cool casual 'fit.

    model wears read midi dress with tiers

    10. A set of two tank dresses because great things come in pairs. Between these dresses you'll always have something to wear even on the days your brain doesn't feel like working.

    two models wearing tank dresses. one is black and one is leopard print

    11. A button front dress with a gathered waist to be effortlessly elegant. The soft knit makes it comfortable for everyday wear while also promoting a versatility every garment wishes it had.

    model wears navy button front dress

    12. A classic wrap dress reminiscent of a DVF masterpiece without the hefty price tag. Shimmy on this beaut for anything from work to play.

    model wears blue wrap dress

    13. A puff-sleeved midi dress that is perfect for every low-key first date hang.

    model wears pink dress with puff shoulders

    14. A button front dark wash denim dress that you can throw over virtually any top you own. Pair with anything from a silky blouse to a chunky sweater.

    model wears dark wash denim dress with button down the front

    15. A floral wrap dress so universal it's perfect for every spring/summer occasion that comes to mind.

    model wears pink floral wrap dress and wedges

    16. A cami mini dress that can double as a sexy date night *in* ensemble or a centerpiece for a duster cardigan.

    model wears olive green cami dress

    17. A tiered T-shirt dress to spice up a classic style. The tiers add dimension and shape to create a more interesting staple pieces.

    model wears olive green tiered t shirt dress

    18. A chambray tank dress for every warm, breezy walk along the beach for the foreseeable future.

    model wears chambray tank dress

    19. A puff-sleeved sweater dress that can seamlessly transition from fall to winter wardrobe without hesitation. Wear with sneakers for a more casual look or throw on heeled sandals with socks to add a little funk!

    model wears puff sleeved black sweater dress with black booties

    20. A sequined, zebra print dress for any fun, eclectic celebration even the ones with *just* your quarantine pod. NYE night in? I think, yes!

    model wears black and silver sequin dress in zebra pattern with stiletto heels

    21. A high-low plaid shirt dress that is perfect for picking pumpkins or a nice, chill hayride. Wear as long as it's a little chilly with thigh-high leather boots.

    model wears green and black plaid dress with thigh high boots

    22. A printed denim dress that screams VMA's Brittany. Wear any time you need to feel like a vintage queen. All that's missing is your own JT.

    model wears light wash denim jumper style dress

    23. A maxi wrap dress, because who wouldn't want to feel like a goddess on the daily. All you need is some wine and cheese because you are ~fancy~ like that.

    model wears wine colored maxi wrap dress  with brown heels

    24. A yellow turtleneck swing dress to snatch wigs even when the temperature drops.

    yellow turtleneck dress

    25. A red T-shirt dress whenever you're feeling a little spicy. There's not a single person you pass who won't notice you strutting by.

    model wears red t shirt dress with white sneakers

    26. A polo collared dress with an old-school, classic feel that'll be forever interesting because of the funky geometric print.

    model wears black collared dress with geometric print and heeled sandals

    27. A kaftan style polka dot dress that's full of surprises. The quality and color hold up in person so much that you'll want to get one for every family member along with yourself.

    model wears pink dotted kaftan style dress

    28. A floral maxi dress so you can stop late-night online searches for the perfect floral ensemble because you've found it.

    model wears floral wrap dress with knee high brown leather heeled boots

    29. A leopard print sweater dress for when the cold can't stop you from the ~wilder~ things in life. The neutral tone makes it really easy to add a bright pop of color without over doing it. Try a bright green headband!

    model wears leopard print sweater dress with sneakers

    30. A side slit dress that looks like something you could get at Reformation for 10x the price. It has a fun print and slight puff shoulders that hits all the check marks for a show-stopper.

    model wears printed dress with side slit and white booties

    31. A two-tone sporty number that screams tennis courts but make it *fashun*. Bonus it's from Anna Sui's line for Walmart, so it has designer sensibilities without the price tag.

    model wears two toned collared dress with pleated skirt designed lower half

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