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8 Inventions You May Not Have Known Were Canadian

Oh Sorry, just wanted to show you a few inventions that you may not know are actually Canadian. So, so, sorry.

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Invented in Massachusetts, by Dr. James Naismith; who happens to be Canadian. They used peach baskets which didn't have a hole in the bottom. Requiring a man to climb a ladder and retrieve the ball after every basket.

The man credited with this invention was named Arthur Sicard. It all started in Quebec, so, it's shocking that it actually worked without complaining constantly.

This one actually came as a surprise to me. It was invented by a fellow named Theodore Witte.

The egg carton was invented in 1911, in British Columbia. Seeing as it comes from B.C, I assume it was initially meant to carry cocaine.

Credited to Harry Wasylyk. A man from my home town of Winnipeg! Unfortunately that leads me to believe he invented it to dispose of a body. We can gloss over that though.

The drink of sick people here in Canada. It was invented by John J. McLaughlin.

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