The 10 Best Adult Swim Fan Mash-Ups

Brought to you from the scarily wonderful/wonderfully scary world of Internet Fan Art©. (Spoiler alert: everything else is Ponies.) Don’t miss the only show that mashes up hard-hitting medical drama with offbeat absurdist humor when Childrens Hospital returns for its fourth season, Thursdays at midnight, only on Adult Swim.

1. Robot Unicorn Attack + Nyan Cat = Robot Uni-nyan Attack

Artists, take note: this is what it looks like when you get a commission from the Internet itself.

2. Venture Bros. + Adventure Time = Venture Time

Fingers crossed that Brock shows up as a Rainicorn.

3. Aqua Teen + Star Trek = Aqua Trek Hunger Force

Jean Luc don’t need no instructions to know how to diplomicize.

4. Superjail + Watchmen = Who Watches the Watchjail

The world’s most groundbreaking graphic novel just got a lot more groundbreaking.

5. Harvey Birdman + Final Fantasy = Ha Ha, Fantasy! VI

Only available on the ThatThingISentYa 360.

6. Space Ghost + Indiana Jones = Tad Ghostal and the Temple of Doom

Working title: Everything You Wanted From Your Childhood.

7. Sealab 2021 + Steve Zissou = The Lab Aquatic with Hank Murphy

All of the deadpan snark of a Wes Anderson flick, but none of that pesky prestige!

8. Dr. Steve Brule + David Lynch = Dingushead

Creepy-crawly experimental cinema…for your health!

9. Venture Bros. + Star Wars = Star Bros.: Episode IV - A New Brope

Because the Star Wars trilogy was really lacking in dysfunctional family values.

10. Space Ghost + Pac-Man = Wakka Wakka Coast to Coast

With Pac-Man replaced by Moby, natch.

Cable TV’s most madcap medical crew is back with an all new season. Reconnect with Dr. Blake Downs and the rest of the Childrens Hospital crew, Thursdays at midnight, only on Adult Swim.

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