30 Examples Of Why Britain The Greatest Place On Earth For Music

The British Invasion is alive and well.

Ok, ok. Other countries have plenty of great music. But nowhere near as great as Britain! Here are but a few artists to prove just how amazing and influential the British music scene is:

1. David Bowie

“We could be heroes”

2. The Sex Pistols

“I got no reason”

3. Arctic Monkeys

“What a scummy man”

4. Emile Sandé

“When we’ve spoilt the land”

5. The Rolling Stones

“I can’t get no”

6. Adele

“Well it burned while I cried”

7. The Beatles

“Anytime you feel the pain”

8. The Spice Girls

“Any fool can see they’re falling”

9. Queen

“Don’t stop me, don’t stop me”

10. Fleetwood Mac

“I’d give you my world”

11. Oasis

“But I don’t know how”

12. Ivor Novello

“Let no tears add to their hardship”

13. Pink Floyd

“No one seems to hear”

14. Iron Maiden

“I’m not afraid of dying”

15. Muse

“You will not control us”

16. Tinie Tempah

“I think I found a winner”

17. The Cure

“It’s the perfect dream”

18. Coldplay

“When you feel so tired”

19. Joan Armatrading

“Are you so strong”

20. Radiohead

“I don’t belong here”

21. Phil Collins

“Taking every breath with you”

22. Elton John

“Your candle burned out long before”

23. Florence + The Machine

“She hid under beds”

24. Shirley Bassey


25. Amy Winehouse

“You go back to her”

26. Led Zeppelin

“The piper will lead us”

27. The Clash

“Are you taking orders”

28. Prodigy

“Change my pitch up”

29. The Who

“Hope I die before I get old”

30. Massive Attack

“Teardrop on the fire”

See also: Placebo, Garbage, Mumford and Sons, Gorillaz, Rod Stewart, George Michael, Duran Duran, UB40, Biffy Clyro, Pet Shop Boys, Dire Straits, Deep Purple, Genesis, Status Quo, Black Sabbath, Eurythmics, The Kinks, The Police, AC/DC Sade, Eric Clapton, Depeche Mode, Madness, and the ones in the comments section that I didn’t think of…

And before you Americans get any ideas - you rejected The Scissor Sisters! Are you crazy?

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