Nick Dirscherl
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    • Nick Dirscherl

      Is it just me or does it seem like elements of society are trying to brainwash 30 year olds into thinking they are old? I mean some stuff like encountering more friends that have kids, being 10 years older than people just old enough to drink, etc. are harmless enough. But not wanting to go out after 8:30 PM?! (Even if you do it is not because your are “old”, it is likely because you have a job where you get up early and your sleep cycle is set, whereas younger people have less responsibility and can stay up all night and sleep in). I haven’t noticed hangovers being worse at all, then again I was never a binge drinker at 21 or now. Dreading New Year’s Eve at freaking 30?!!!! On what planet? Maybe I have superior genes or a superior attitude but I am 34 and don’t feel this way at all! I mean that stuff might apply to people age 60+ but if you are 30 and have back pain and can’t go out past 8:30 or stay up till midnight on New Year’s Even then you must be in horrendous physical shape, see a doctor and go to the gym, it is much more than you being 30 years old, lol!

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