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    The 13 Worst People At Karaoke Night

    Don't be these people. Everyone's ears will thank you.

    1. The Somber Balladeer

    2. The Mumbler

    3. The Girl Trying To Get Discovered

    Talent Scouts don't tend to hang out at this crappy bar, honey.

    4. The Guy Singing "Don't Stop Believin'" Unironically. At 8PM.

    Save it for the end of the night, bucko.

    5. The Giggler

    They're usually singing "Baby Got Back" or "I Wanna Sex You Up".

    6. The "Sorry Guys, My Friends Made Me Do This" Speech Giver

    7. The Person Who Just Stands There During A 27-Measure Instrumental Break

    Looks like rigor mortis has set in.

    8. The Hipster Singing A Song No One Knows

    9. The Group Of Girls Who Didn't Realize They Don't Know The Verses Of "I Will Survive"

    10. The Off-Key Screamer

    11. The Dude Singing "Hotel California"

    Seven minutes is 14 years in Karaoke Time.

    12. The Girl Who Butchers A Whitney Song

    13. The Drunk Guy Who Can't Keep Up The Tempo

    And that sweet relief when they finally get off the stage

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