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Which Breadbox Girl Are You?

Take our quiz and find out which Breadbox hooligan you are!

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  1. How do you spend a free afternoon?

    Running around screaming like a hooligan.
    Laying in bed jammin to tunes.
    Sit. Watch TV. Knit.
    Baking something to give to friends.
    Doin hood rat crap.
  2. What's your favorite dog?

    Golden Retriever
    Great Dane
    St. Bernard
    A Cat
    A Pug
  3. What's your catch phrase?

    "big papa"
    "hi bb"
    "WE GOTTA GO!"
    *mispronounces commonly used words*
  4. What is your favorite part of the body?

    the booty
    tip of the nose
    not feet
  5. What type of roommate are you?

    The mom
    The dirty little chicken
    Home wrecker
    The cool cat
    The super glue
  6. If you could swim in a pool of anything what would it be? the candy...not the people...
    Burt's Bees chapstick
    Chocolate Pudding
    Tapioca pearls
  7. What are you most likely to get arrested for?

    Punching a midget
    Being the mother of too many children
    Jay walking
    Pirating anime
  8. What's your biggest fear?

    Being kidnapped
    The dark
    Being unfashionable
    Eraser shavings. Birds. Mascots. I am irrational.
  9. What type of potato are you?

    Curly fry
    Sweet potato
    Tater tots
    Steak n' Shake fries
    This is too hard sorry...
  10. Favorite White House Guy?

    They're all my bb's
    Logan... he lives there right?
  11. Who would you like to punch in the face?

    People who hurt puppies
    David Guetta
    Madison Kagrise
    Steph Curry
    Kim Kardashian
  12. Favorite thing about the Breadbox?

    The make out closet
    The squeaky floors
    The prayer room under the stairs that never came to be lol
    The people
    The recliner
  13. You're getting really wild tonight, where do you go?

    Bulls. As Always.
    Maddie's room.
    My parents house.
    The White House
    Chocolate Cafe
  14. What breakfast food would you be?

    Scrambled eggs and bacon
  15. Go to dance move?

    Stands awkwardly in corner
    Shakes booty... A LOT
    *gets down with bad self*
    ju ju on that beat

Which Breadbox Girl Are You?

You got: Cheyenne Pyle

Hi bb you're Cheyenne. You like butts more than anything. If you're not at the Breadbox you can be found at the White House. You're often found doing hooligan things with your best friend Jersey. You love literally everyone and embrace the double chin life. You keep the Breadbox functioning.

Cheyenne Pyle
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You got: Cassy Benson

Meow, you got Cassy! You like cats. You spend your days at Buckeye Donuts getting shout outs on OSU Crush. You dream of knitting sweaters for all of your future cats. Your blood likely tastes like red velvet.

Cassy Benson
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You got: Jersey Dick

Hi papa.. you got Jersey. You're probably a little dirty most of the time but that's okay because you're the life of the party. You probably survive off of queso and more queso. Also, Target consumes your soul but gotta make that money. You're likely caught on 15th. *insert finger guns*

Jersey Dick
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You got: Myriah Gillum

Congrats you're the mom of the friend group! You love all things babies, baking, Jesus, and your dog is life.... did we mention babies? You always choose joy and literally just can't wait to be a mom! #babies

Myriah Gillum
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You got: Maddie Kagrise

You got Maddie from the Nati. Your roommates probably all hate you because you never plan house meeting... but that's okay. You spend most of your time listening to classic rock and watching hockey highlights. You also probably poop the most out of everyone in the house. Learning common life skills one day at a time. #gobucks

Maddie Kagrise
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