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10 GIFs That Completely Sum Up Your Relationship With Technology

Technology is great! At times it causes more problems than its worth. Without further ado, here are 10 GIFS that completely sum up your relationship with technology.

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Within the past decade, the world has reached a point of technological advancement decades prior could have never dreamed of. We have cars that can drive and park themselves, phones that's able to do what computers couldn't fifteen years ago, and services that allow you to "binge watch" your favorite shows.

1. When your significant other reads your message and doesn't reply


2. Realizing you've spent way too much time stalking people's Instagrams


3. Waiting for that good morning text...

4. When your phone dies and you have to socialize with people

5. When your selfie gets over 100 likes


6. Meeting a promising boy on Tinder, then realizing he's just trying to hook up with you...

7. Trying to have a conversation with someone that's way too into their phone...


8. When you're in the middle of a Netflix binge and lose your connection


9. Telling yourself you'll start studying after this episode.....

10. Realizing technology completely dominates your life...

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