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8 Moments During Black History That Made It So Lit

Beyonce was involved in a lot of it.

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Although we celebrate black history all year round, February is a time to take in all that African Americans have contributed to history, as well as the culture of today. And 2017 Black History Month did not disappoint.

What are some of your favorites?

Beyoncé announcing she was pregnant with TWINS.


The very first day of Black History Month Beyoncé blessed us with the excited news that not only was she pregnant, but she was going to have TWINS. Two new Carters for the world to obsess (and worship), and she was gracious enough to share her pregnancy photos with us common folk.

Barack Obama's vacation photos

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Barack ended his era back in January 20th when our new president took over, and immediately went much needed vacation with Michelle and Richard Branson. And mannnn ... did we have some serious FOMO. Obama was wearing his hat backwards, kite surfing, forgetting all about us! And through these pics we got some the best memes ever.

Chance The Rapper winning Best New Artist at the Grammys

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Chance had an amazing year in 2016 with his highly successful album, "The Coloring Book", streaming it for free. From there he made history being the first to be nominated for a Grammy as an independent artist, and then finally winning Best New Artist, being the first artist to win a Grammy without being signed to a label. Chance proves you don't always have to take the traditional path to get to where you want to go. #BlackBoyJoy

Adele professes her love and adoration for Beyoncé

After completely SLAYING her performance while pregnant with twins, Beyoncé won a Grammy for Best Urban Contemporary Album. We were all excited, but were really waiting for the big moment of Album of the Year. And then it happened - Beyoncé lost to Adele's "25". But then something magical and unexpected happened. When Adele went up on stage, she professed her love to Beyonce like of us wish we could, and said that it should be her up there getting the award. It was sincere, genuine, and since then Adele has a standing invite to the cookout.

#Hurtbae & #Bootbae

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Being that the month of February is also the month of Valentine's Day, there has to be mention of the #hurtbae and #bootbae memes. The video where exes get together to talk about why they no longer are, gave us all the case of the feels, while #bootbae was not having any parts of another woman taking her man. And with these relatable scenarios, hilarity ensued online.

Donald Glover is announced to be playing Simba in The Lion King

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Donald Glover has already had a tremendous year so far, being a 2-time Golden Globe winner, preparing to play Young Lando Calrissian in the new Star Wars movie, and pretty much putting Migos into mainstream media. Jon Favreau gives us the amazing news that Donald Glover is going to be in the live action version of The Lion King as Simba. Now for most black kids born before the 2000s, The Lion King was the our movie. And now that we're getting a live action version, it only seems right to cast the hottest guy in the game to play it. Oh yeah, and James Earl Jones will be playing Mufasa, the original voice of Mufasa in the animated version.

Remy Ma/Nicki Minaj beef has begun ...

Twitter / Via Twitter: @RealRemyMa

There is a lot of history filled with subtle jabs here and there between both Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma throughout the years. But at the end of the month, Nicki decided to go directly at the Bronx rapper with her verse on "Make Love" with Gucci Mane. And Remy responded of 7 minutes drag-worthy blows airing out all of Nicki's dirty laundry. We'll see where this goes in March, but we all remember where we were when Remy Ma released "shEther".

Moonlight winning Best Picture at the 2017 Oscars

Tumblr / Via

Now aside from the craziest moment in Oscars history, Moonlight winning Best Picture at the Oscars was believable, but not expected. For the entire award season, La La Land was talked and poised to win the coveted award. So when the announcement was made, many were not surprised. But when that chaos starting happening ... the TV came back on, and twitter was set on FIRE. Moonlight was well deserving of that Oscar, no matter what unprecedented way it was given to them.

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