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Why Everyone Should Be A Little More Like Karen Walker

Not only is she the most hysterical character around, but she gives no fucks.

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1. Karen Walker isn’t afraid to speak her mind. If she thinks you look like an idiot, she’ll tell you just that.

If everyone did that, people wouldn't walk out of their houses in certain terrible outfits.

2. She loves to show off her assets and doesn't care what you or anyone thinks.

And she's confident in her own skin.

3. She’s definitely got the right idea on politics. Now if we could all get it together.

4. She's honest about her feelings.

5. She knows how to have a good time.

6. And how to get the party started...

7. She knows how to get what she wants from others.

8. And of course, she's got the best sense of humor.

9. Karen Walker just knows how to live a little and have some fun.

Something we should all be able to do every now and then. Am I right?

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