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7 Times A Jenna Maroney Quote Applied To Real Life

Although you may think she is a ridiculously self-absorbed character on TV, Jenna Maroney has taught us some valuable lessons during her time on 30 Rock.

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1. When you enter the room with big news.

An honest way to get the peoples attention.

2. When you know the gossip but you're pretending that you don't.

I mean, we've all been in that moment when someone tells you something you already know and you begin speaking extremely fast, praying that the word vomit will stop.

3. When you and a friend have a common enemy.

Everyone has that one friend...

4. When you hate everything and everyone around you.

The best comparison to how we all feel about people sometimes.

5. When you want to be honest with someone that you don't think will take it well.

Being honest can be tough, but you have to tell your true feelings.

6. When someone asks for a favor that you don't want to do.

We all know that the truth behind doing favors is for the praise and attention.

7. When you're pretending to listen to what someone is saying and then you don't know how to respond when they stop talking.

Could be dating advice or just regular Jenna life advice.

Straightforward and relentless, Jenna Maroney is my hero.

We've all wanted to say this in public before, right?

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