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10 Party Themes To Try This Season Beyond The Ugly Sweater Party

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1. Ornament Party

What you'll need: Lots of rope, felt, hot glue guns, scissors, and friends willing to get their hands dirty to make some awesome crafts just like we used to when we were kids.

2. Around the World Holiday Party

What you'll need: Invite your guests to bring traditional holiday dishes from their home countries or favorite places they've visited. Label each food with the appropriate flag and encourage everyone to travel with their taste buds!

7. The Carol-oke Party

What you'll need: A mic and an amp, and a playlist of traditional Christmas carols for everyone to sing to. Let it snow!

9. White Elephant/Re-gift Party

What you'll need: Instruct all guests to bring a bad gift from a previous holiday or birthday, or something under a set amount, wrapped. Everyone gets to choose the gift they want according to its packaging and opens their guaranteed-to-be-hilarious gifts one by one.

10. The Retro Winter Formal

What you'll need: Everyone's got that elaborate formal dress in the back of their closet begging to be dusted off! Balloons, a photo booth area for couples, and friends who will don poofy dresses and teased hair all in the name of a good time.

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