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16 Gifts From Frisco By Chewy To Spoil Your Cat With This Holiday Season

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit extra when it comes to your cat, especially around the holidays!

Looking for the perfect present for your cat? Check out these Frisco holiday gifts available exclusively at Chewy. There are kicker toys, catnip plushies, cardboard houses, and much more, so no matter what your cat loves, you're sure to find it here.

1. This pair of Frisco Gingerbread Cookie Catnip Toys that make a super sweet gift for any cat.

A cat with two plush gingerbread cookie toys.

2. This set of 10 Frisco Spring Toys that'll add some flying fun to your cat's day.

A cat playing with green and red spring toys.

3. This Frisco Tracks Toy with three tiers of tracks and two interchangeable springy toppers to keep your cat entertained.

A cat next to a red, three-tiered track toy with green balls and a Santa hat topper.

4. A red and black Frisco Plaid Bow Tie, so your cat can look extra dapper.

A cat wearing a red and black plaid bow tie.

5. These Frisco Bouncy Santa Toys that not only look like mice, but are also stuffed with catnip.

A person dangling the two plush mouse toys for a cat.

6. This Frisco Log Cabin Cardboard House. Your cat will love it, and you'll love how cute they look hiding inside.

A cat coming out of a log cabin-style cardboard box.

7. This Frisco Red Variety Gift Box with 14 toys in different shapes, styles, and designs.

A cat looking at variety of red, holiday-themes toys

8. This Frisco Festive Ruffle Collar with bells, so your cat can look exceptionally festive this holiday season.

A cat in a ruffled collar with bells and cute illustrations.

9. This Frisco Blue Variety Gift Box because sometimes your cat deserves more than a dozen toys to choose from.

A cat looking at a variety of blue, winter-themed toys.

10. A Frisco Mistletoe Teaser Wand with catnip for some adorable, holiday fun.

A cat playing with the mistletoe wand teaser.

11. This Frisco Gift Box Cardboard House that's perfect for any cat who loves the box that toys come in as much as the actual toys.

A cute cat looking out of a cardboard gift box house.

12. This Frisco Paw Plaid Stocking that can be personalized with your pet's name.

A paw-shaped stocking hanging on a mantle.

13. These three Frisco Winter Flower Toys that are plush, cute, and stuffed with catnip.

A cat playing with three plush flower toys.

14. This Frisco Dreidel & Coins Plush Toy with catnip that your cat will love playing with, even if they don't know the rules.

A cat playing with dreidel and coin bag plush toys.

15. A Frisco Candy Cane Plush Kicker that not only comes with catnip, but also has a feathered end to keep playtime exciting.

A cat looking up at a candy cane plush toy.

16. This Frisco Reindeer Plush Kicker that's almost as cute as your cat.

A cat playing with a reindeer plush toy.

No matter how you celebrate the holidays, celebrate with your cat with Frisco holiday toys and more, available exclusively at Chewy.