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16 Gifts From Frisco By Chewy That’d Be On Your Dog’s Holiday Wish List (If They Could Write One)

Toys, treats, and other holiday gifts your dog will love.

Holidays are meant to be celebrated with friends and family, and that includes your dog! Whether your pup loves squeaky toys, tennis balls, festive bandanas, or something else fun, Frisco by Chewy has the perfect holiday gift for them.

1. This Frisco Buffalo Plaid Bandana that you can personalize with your dog's name.

A red and black buffalo plaid bandana that has "Charlie" written on it in white font.

2. These Frisco Santa's Helpers Toys that are perfect fun for small and extra-small dogs.

A trio of reindeer, Santa, and elf toys.

3. This festive four-pack of Frisco Holiday Toys with a hide-and-seek design to keep your dog interested.

A dog playing with four holiday-themed toys.

4. This Frisco Mr. Claus Costume that will have your dog looking extra cute (if that's even possible).

A cute dog wearing a Santa costume.

5. This Frisco Mrs. Claus Costume for another way to get your pup in the festive spirit.

A dog in a Mrs. Claus costume.

6. A Frisco Holiday Wreath of Tennis Balls that your dog will have an absolute ball with.

Eight tennis balls set in a cardboard wreath.

7. This Frisco Red Buffalo Plaid Bow Tie to add a touch of cute holiday style to your dog's look.

A dog wearing a plaid bow tie.

8. These Frisco Holiday Cactus Toys to bring desert fun to your winter festivities.

Three cactus plush toys.

9. These Frisco Santa's Cookie Toys that are plush and squeaky, so they can keep your dog entertained for longer than a real plate of cookies.

A cookie plate, tree, candy cane, and gingerbread man toast.

10. This set of Frisco Rope Toys for Medium to Large Dogs that comes in a fresh candy cane color scheme.

A small, cute dog playing with five red and white striped rope toys.

11. This Frisco Deluxe Holiday Santa Hat that's perfect for holiday photos, festive parties, or just anytime you want your pup to look extra cute.

A golden retriever wearing a Santa hat.

12. This Frisco Personalized Paws Holiday Stocking so you can include your dog in the family traditions.

A stocking that says "Happy Paw-lidays".

13. A Frisco Cable Knitted Sweater that's customizable, cozy, and oh so cute!

A dog wearing a red cable knitted sweater with the name "Scout".

14. This Frisco Holiday Santa Hat with colorful pompoms that add some fun flair to the otherwise classic look.

A golden retriever wearing a Santa hat with colorful pompoms

15. This Frisco String Lights Christmas Sweater. It's not only adorable but it also has a convenient leash hole, so your pup can show it off on walks around town.

A dog wearing a red and white striped sweater with string light accents.

16. This Frisco Holiday Antler Headband & Bell Collar that will go down in history as one of the cutest costumes.

A golden retriever wearing an antler headband and a plaid collar with bells.

Whether your dog's been naughty or nice this year, they deserve a great gift! Check out more Frisco holiday toys, costumes, and collars available exclusively at Chewy.