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12 Questions The Rest Of The Country Has For Los Angeles

​"Do you guys know how to parallel park?" Because it's pretty fun in the Chevy Trax. (Just saying.)

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1. "Do you guys surf 24/7, 365?"

And, if not, why?
Frederic J. Brown / Getty Images

And, if not, why?

2. "Do you guys ever stop working out?"

3. "Do people ever hang out downtown?"

Or is it purely decorative?
David McNew / Staff / Via Getty Images

Or is it purely decorative?

4. "How many of you survive on juice alone?" / via

And what does it cleanse?

5. "Is the traffic really that bad?" / via

If a spaceship can get where it needs to go, traffic can't be as bad as people say, right?

6. "How many of your neighbors are celebrities?"


7. "How do you get any work done?"

Don't you spend all of your time outside fist pumping that beautiful sun?

8. "What does the red carpet feel like?"

It's really soft, right? Like, a baby bunny?
Valerie Macon / Stringer / Via Getty Images

It's really soft, right? Like, a baby bunny?

9. "Do you actually consider 60 degrees 'cold'?"

10. "Where do you get your Christmas trees from?"


11. "Are you always poolside, or do you just stock up on #tbt pics?"

Seriously, can we come use your pool?

12. And "Do you ever get overwhelmed by the size of this town?"

Ron Reiring / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: 84263554@N00

Question: Does the Chevy Trax really have 4G LTE Wi-Fi?

Answer: Duh!

Answer: Duh!