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10 NYC Slices You Have To Try Before You Die

Pizza of course, but also cheesecakes and pies (oh my!). Make the most of the city with the Chevy Trax rearview camera. It makes parallel parking at your favorite hidden gem easy as pie.

1. Berry Topped Cheesecake – Eileen's Cheesecake

2. (Lemony) Cheese Cake – Yura on Madison

3. NY Style Cheesecake – Martha's Country Bakery

4. Margherita – Roberta's Pizza

5. Fresh Mozzarella Pizza – Joe's Pizza

6. Artichoke Pizza – Artichoke Basille's Pizza

7. Xtra Cheese Pizza – Best Pizza

8. Rhubarb Almond Pie – Pie Corps

9. Crack Pie® – Milk Bar

10. Bourbon Pecan Pie – Pies 'n' Thighs

Headers from Thinkstock. Designed By Jake Russell Tapleshay.

The Chevy Trax is designed to fit into whatever city parking spot you find.