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11 Myths About Los Angeles That Aren't A Thing

The streets aren't actually paved of gold. But, if you're driving a Chevy Trax, you can find some hidden gems that'll make them feel perfectly golden.

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1. Everyone goes to the beach to surf.

Surfers surf. Everyone else sits on beach towels and groans about tourists.

2. No one owns winter clothes.


If Angelenos know anything, it's how to wrap a scarf.

3. Public transportation is nonexistent.

Soon you all will marvel at the beauty that will be the Santa Monica Expo Line.
Prayitno / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: prayitnophotography

Soon you all will marvel at the beauty that will be the Santa Monica Expo Line.

4. All the trees are palm trees.

The only trees worth photographing are palm trees.

5. People from the Valley love your valley girl impression.

Like, no. Just, like, stop.

6. People from Los Angeles only care about their appearance.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Just because Angelenos look good doesn't mean they only care about their looks.

7. The workday is noon to 1 p.m.


The time difference may make it look like we are perpetually sleeping in, but this is just not the case.

8. People don't read books.

BuzzFeed Yellow /

People read plenty of books. When you spend your life in traffic, however, you get real into that audiobook life.

9. Every conversation is about freeways. / Via

Some conversations include highway detours.

10. "Cali" is an appropriate abbreviation.


No one from Cali would ever refer to it as "Cali."

11. Everyone is blonde.


This is not Finland.

Chevy Trax has 4G LTE Wi-Fi to help you get around town and disprove a few myths of your own.