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Moving In With Your S.O.: Expectations Vs. Reality

Everything is actually going to be OK. Everything is more than OK when you're behind the wheel of the all-new 2016 Chevy Cruze.

1. Expectation: They'll stop loving you when they realize how messy you are.

Reality: You become a littler neater, they become a little messier, and you love each other just the same.

2. Expectation: You'll fight constantly about who gets to do the folding and who HAS to do the dishes.

Reality: They hate folding and love dishes. GO FIGURE.

3. Expectation: Your ~digestion~ will be a source of perpetual embarrassment.


"I can't tell where your fart ends and mine begins" - my wedding vows probably

4. Expectation: You'll lose sleep having to share the bed with someone every night.

Reality: You figure it out and get to cuddle all the time.

5. Expectation: You'll turn into a nag because you're so Type A.

Reality: They already knew you were this way, plus you learn to let things go.

6. Expectation: They moved in with you, so it won't feel like their place.

Reality: You redecorate together, and now it does!

7. Expectation: You'll get sick of each other.

Reality: You find yourself missing each other even more.

8. Expectation: You'll be more active now that you can't just sit around your apartment all the time without someone else knowing.

Reality: You're more active for about six months, and then you go back to lounging, but you have someone else lounging with you.

9. Expectation: The magic fades a little once you get more comfortable.

Reality: You find new quirky things to love about them.

10. Expectation: You'll save a ton of money because you'll be able to split a ton of stuff and cook/eat together.

Reality: You totally do. It's super good for your budget.

Expectation: It's just another compact.

Reality: FAR FROM IT.

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