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15 Reasons Why "X-Men" Is The Best Franchise Ever

Star what? LOTR who? Bat meh. X-Men is the franchise you want and need. And Chevron ExtraMile® stores have what you want, when you need it.

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4. And the royal chemistry is palpable — on-screen and off.

The knight duo share a living, breathing bromance that is the stuff of legend.

5. But forget chemistry, let's talk physics — X-Men features this magnetic attraction:

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Will this be the most perfect kiss between the most flawless humans ever? Will the universe implode when it happens? We just don't have all the facts.

10. And unlike many other "superhero" abilities, X-Men mutations are unique and imaginative.

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Forget "super strength," "flying," and "magic." The X-Men have cryokinesis, magnetism, the ability to channel solar energy, animalism, and more. Each power is rich, interesting, and adaptable.

12. There is no simple "right vs. wrong" or "good vs. evil" in this universe.

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It's the fight against a common enemy that divides the X-Men and, ultimately, reunites them. The lesson is clear: Good and evil do not exist in black and white. Everything is shades of grey, and that's what makes the X-Men so interesting.

13. The X-Men universe is also filled with major challenges similar to those in our world.

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Take away the mutations, and you realize that the real bad guys in the X-Men saga are prejudice and intolerance, much like in our actual world. Whoa, deep.

14. Not only that, each member of the X-Men has personal trials to overcome.

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All of them are struggling to make use of unique gifts and find a place in the world. Sounds pretty much like... um... your 20s.