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This Is What Happens When You Choose Experiences Over Things

Success is measured a little differently in the Canadian dream.

1. You realize the best present is the present.

2. The attic becomes a lot less cluttered.

3. You lose less stuff.

4. You start to really appreciate the things you do have.

5. Instructions become directions.

6. You don't have to stress about not having the newest trendy item.

7. Travelling becomes much easier.

8. Your life gets more interesting than most movies and TV shows.

9. There are fewer wires to untangle.

10. There are fewer batteries to recharge.

11. The memories you're amassing will never lose their value.

12. You discover it's not your things that make you "you," but YOU.

To everyone keeping the Canadian dream alive and inspiring us to find new roads: Happy Canada’s 150th from Chevrolet Canada.

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