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16 Of The Sleekest Places On Planet Earth

MAJESTIC. For a sleek vehicle displaying beautiful design, check out the completely redesigned Chevrolet Spark, now with a new lower profile for enhanced aerodynamics and fuel efficiency without sacrificing headroom. Heck yes.

1. Khan Shatyr, Astana, Kazakhstan

2. Frederick R. Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, U.S.

3. Metropol Parasol, Seville, Spain

4. Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Canada

5. The Forum Building, Barcelona, Spain

6. Kilden Performing Arts Centre, Kristiansand, Norway

7. Supertree Grove, Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore

8. Stuttgart City Library, Stuttgart, Germany

9. Royal Library in the Black Diamond Building, Copenhagen, Denmark

Royal indeed, the structure of the library appears to be flowing like a body of water, and it's oh so marvelous. So, if this space does not make you want to read a book, we don't know what could.

10. Library and Learning Centre, University of Economics, Vienna, Austria

11. National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing, China

12. Nanpu Bridge, Shanghai, China

13. Seattle Central Library, Seattle, U.S.

This postmodernist jewel is a dazzling mix of steel and glass. Continuity and flexibility are integral parts of its design, planned specifically for maximizing performance.

14. Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Centre, Reykjavík, Iceland

A sparkling structure indeed, the building's kaleidoscopic panels shine in a variety of colors, rhythmically and magically making it come alive as both the sun and the moon move through the sky. It didn't win the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture in 2013 for nothing.

15. Guangzhou Opera House, Guangzhou, China

Zaha Hadid was back at it again with the architectural wizardry. This opera house can't help but transmit heavy intergalactic vibes, exploding and stretching with breathtaking beauty.

16. The Phillips Exeter Academy Library in Exeter, New Hampshire, U.S.

Showcasing flawless geometrical harmony and just serving as straight-up eye candy, the design of the library was meant to be "unpretentious, though in a handsome, inviting contemporary style."

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