14 Things Your Car Knows About You

It’s just between the two of you. Pick up a 2014 Chevrolet Sonic or Spark and share these intimate moments with an intimate new ride.

1. How you sound on that super high note that you’d never try around others.

Get there. Get therrrrrrre.

2. How much you enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror.

Entertainment Securities / Via absurdnoise.com

Rear view? Side view? You look good from all views.

3. Where everything you’ve ever owned has gone missing.

thephfactor / Via imgur.com

“Yes, I’ve checked under the seats!”

4. Which songs you put on those mixed CDs.

crimsong19 / Via Flickr: crimsong19

Being that they’re on CDs, we know they’re pre-2001.

5. How you handle it when someone else takes your favorite parking spot.

Showtime / Via kneelift.tumblr.com

“I see you.”

6. Why you have so many singles.

You just like vending machines, right?

7. How often you escape in the middle of the night for tacos.

John Rawlinson / Via Flickr: london

Or fries dunked into chocolate shakes.

8. How the car ride smells the morning after you escape in the middle of the night for tacos.

John / Via Flickr: johnjoh

Windows down, folks.

9. How many other guys you’re dating.


“I’m just giving them a test ride.”

10. Where you lived that first month out of college.

Paul Keller / Via Flickr: paulk

Especially if you moved to L.A.

11. Where you were “resting” on the “sick day” you took last week.

Paige Burghardt / Via Flickr: 27438300@N05

“I just don’t want anyone else in the office to catch it, you know?”

12. How you look when you realize that the frozen yogurt shop closed five minutes ago.

“Why can’t anything go right for me today?”

13. How you celebrated after you finally got the nerve to kiss her goodnight.

Small victories.

14. How much you hate your boss and can’t believe he expects you to come in early this week after you slaved all of last week on Karen’s project which Karen should have been doing but nOOOooO Karen gets away with doing nothing because Karen’s just the best!!!


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