10 Reasons Why Cars Are Now Basically Spaceships

We might not know exactly what flying a spaceship is going to be like, but we’re definitely pretty close.

1. Cruise control = feet-free driving.

OK, so you’ll still need Jesus to take the wheel, but we’re pretty sure spaceships don’t have foot pedals. And that’s exactly what cruise control provides.

2. Your car listens to you.

Ari Helminen / Via Flickr: picsoflife

Need to change the music from the backseat? No problem. With available Siri Eyes Free, new Chevrolet Sonics and Sparks can take care of all your music requests at the sound of your voice.

3. Steering wheels have buttons.


If there’s one thing we know for certain about spaceships, it’s that they’ll have buttons on their steering wheels. And guess what? So does your new car. Prepare for liftoff.

4. Speed.

The average small car can hit 140 mph. That’s up from 3.7 mph in 1975.

5. In the future, defrost is king.

Ain’t nobody got time to scrape off a frosted windshield. There’s a button for that.

6. You don’t need to have any idea where you’re going.

With BringGo GPS Navigation, your smartphone connects seamlessly to your dash. Upload addresses instantly and be on your way.

7. Cars are running for just about forever.

With the average car getting 25 miles per gallon and many quadrupling that number, you’ll have no problem reaching a galaxy far, far away.

8. Chrome.

The future is polished silver. This we know.

9. You can see everywhere.

Emily Hildebrand / Via Flickr: emilyrachelhildebrand

If the Jetsons got one thing right, it’s that the future is clear. We don’t have bubble domes yet, but giant sunroofs are pretty close.

10. Cars can fly!

Well, sort of.

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