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15 Unique Gas Stations Around The World

Because the journey should always be more exciting than the destination. These stations might be worth stopping at, even with your 2014 Chevrolet Sonic or Spark's excellent gas mileage.

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1. This sheep station created with artwork from François-Xavier Lalanne:

Spencer Platt / Getty Images

2. Winston-Salem's shell-shaped service station:

Chuck Coker / Via Flickr: caveman_92223

3. The Airplane Service Station in Powell, Tennessee:

4. This station that's now a home in the oldest mining town in Arizona:

Kevin Cole / Via Flickr: kevcole

5. This station that belongs on another planet:

Jurijus Azanovas / Via Flickr: 11183910@N04

6. And this one:

Martin Lopatka / Via Flickr: apothecary

7. And this one that came from another planet:

8. This station designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in Cloquet, Minnesota:

Mike Procario / Via Flickr: procario

9. This Hollow Mountain station in Hanksville, Utah:

LeeAnne Adams / Via Flickr: lolo

10. This World War II bomber station in Milwaukie, Oregon:

11. This pagoda station in West Allis, Wisconsin:

chicagogeek / Via Flickr: chicagogeek

12. This beautiful mural in Shiga Prefecture, Japan:

Peter Charlesworth/LightRocket via Getty Images

13. This teapot station in Zillah, Washington:

Ethan Prater / Via Flickr: eprater

14. This chrome zone in Los Angeles, California:

Omar Bárcena / Via Flickr: omaromar

15. And this antique Texaco beauty:

Janice Waltzer / Via Flickr: pixelpackr