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    16 Exotic Shorthairs Who Will Restore Your Faith In Flat-Faced Cats

    C'mon, let's show some appreciation for these adorable felines.

    1. Peanut because she looks like an alien.

    2. Blackberry because of that tongue.

    3. Snoopy because she taught us that flat-faced cats are really cute!

    4. FitzRoy because he can sit in a bowl.

    5. Pudge because she has trained her human well. / Via

    6. Indycat because he is adorbs.

    7. Mr. Eggs because he likes toilets.

    8. Wheatley because he can derp with the rest of 'em.

    9. Nacha because this girl tolerates little hats.

    10. Duffy because whatever.

    11. Snowbert because of this face.

    12. Obie because he is an Olympic hopeful.

    13. Chester because he just missed something very important.

    14. Dinky the cat because...oh hai!

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    Parry Gripp / Via

    15. Cheddar Cheese Puff because she liked Diet Coke before Taylor Swift!

    16. Pancake (on the right) because he is knows his limits and doesn't try to sit like Mochi.

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