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Garfield 2

I am Garfield. My human is my pedicab. I have a brother named Chester and he cannot have any of the toys because they are MINE! I also sploot.

ChesterSmooshyFace • 3 years ago

22 Cats Who Hate Christmas As Much As You Do

These cheerless cats just aren't feline festive.

Morenike Adebayo • 3 years ago

28 Cats Who Are Not Going To Move For You

And they don't really care how it affects you.

Elaina Wahl • 4 years ago

16 Adorable Sploots To Make You Smile

Sometimes you just have to lie down, no matter what.

Sami Main • 4 years ago
Sami Main • 4 years ago

Gus The Cat Is You When It's Almost The Weekend

It's too late to start anything new, but there's a lot of time left to kill.

Elaina Wahl • 4 years ago

14 Thoughtful Life Lessons From George The Cat

He may be small of stature, but he is mighty in spirit!

Sami Main • 4 years ago
Sami Main • 4 years ago
ChesterSmooshyFace • 4 years ago

16 Exotic Shorthairs Who Will Restore Your Faith In Flat-Faced Cats

C'mon, let's show some appreciation for these adorable felines.

ChesterSmooshyFace • 4 years ago

21 Incredibly Adorable Pets Who Are Winning Christmas

The followers of BuzzFeed Animals on Twitter showed off their #holidaypetpic and the results were SUPER cute.

Kaelin Tully • 4 years ago
Erin La Rosa • 4 years ago

Doug The Cat Hearts Charlie The Golden

The cuteness might make Instagram explode. Douglas and Charlie want to melt your hearts.

wendyfrink • 6 years ago

Can You Prank Your Cat With This Brilliant Trick?

Here is your mission: Follow these simple steps to trap your cat and then post a picture in the comments. We will collect the best ones and feature them on the front page after the weekend! LET'S DO THIS.

Jack Shepherd • 4 years ago

Cats On Instagram Vs Cats In Reality

Some things no filter can fix.

Flo Perry • 5 years ago

21 Beauty Tricks You Should Definitely Know By Now

If you're not all over these yet, it's time to seriously up your hair and make-up game.

Gyan Yankovich • 5 years ago

35 Adorable Reasons To Adopt Your Next Pet

Rescues are the best breed! The followers of BuzzFeed Animals on Twitter sent in their #rescuepetpic yesterday, and there were some MAJOR cuties.

Kaelin Tully • 5 years ago
Julie Gerstein • 5 years ago


Chester used to be a stud cat - now he's just a stud! It's also why he has such a round head. He's an exotic shorthair cat.

ChesterSmooshyFace • 5 years ago

Which Of These Two Cats Are You?

Does life pass you by or are you the one doing the passing by?

ChesterSmooshyFace • 5 years ago