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    • chesterc2

      Ariana is a brilliant and hard working young talent. Her remarkable gifts for both music and comedy remind me of my favorite artist of all time, Barbra.
      I don’t see why everyone is trying to beat her over the head with these Mariah comparisons, she sings soulful pop, of course that is reminiscent of Mariah, but Ariana has a very different, more subdued style.
      I honestly thought she was either Ciara or a new black artist the first time I heard her on the radio (first time I’ve made that mistake since Britney and Christina in the late 90’s). She doesn’t do nearly enough vocal acrobatics to be doing Mariah. This album reminds me of an extra-polished Baby One More Time or Christina Aguilera more than it does a Mariah Carey or Emotions. And to me, Ariana is unquestionably the most talented female artist to come out of the Nick or Disney stables since Britney or Christina.

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